We are sure that when Alexander Bell invented the telephone, he had no idea how his invention would create a communications revolution. Nowadays telecom service providers are facing some of their most challenging times ahead. It is difficult to retain a competitive edge in the dynamic telecommunications industry. With so many people using mobile devices to communicate, it’s become critical for companies to provide great service to match their omnichannel customers’ needs. We can help your telecommunications company succeed in this competitive environment. We provide the tools and expertise you need to reach out to your customers and facilitate their outreach to you, whenever they choose to do so. Keep your customers connected through our technology and know-how.

- Improve first call resolution rates
- Manage an ever more complex and growing product portfolios
- Maximize customer loyalty

We provide cost-effective support services for companies engaged in providing services related to wireless, telecommunications, broadband Internet, cable, satellite TV and phones, and Wi-Fi.

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Retail chains and eCommerce

The commerce industry is one where oftentimes, customer service becomes the key differentiator in building customer loyalty. Adapting the best practices of customer experience management to create everlasting customer experiences is something that every traditional or e-commerce company is looking to achieve. With the onset of daily deal websites, social media, mobile apps and more, retailers are finding it even harder to compete and must continually look for ways to increase revenue yet reduce operational costs to stay ahead of the game. CallCell is an expert Call Center Outsourcing Services company and enables retail and eCommerce companies to stay connected with customers. We offer a flexible and cost-effective technology solution that supports the dynamic needs of your business and constantly innovate to meet customer expectations and remain ahead of your competitors. It enables you to provide proactive customer service by automating your service delivery processes and day-to-day operations.

Equipped with well-trained professionals and the latest call center technology, our contact center services the needs of your customers through:
- inbound and outbound voice support
- web / live chat
- email management
- mobile SMS / text and IVR (self-service)


The tech-savviness of people across the globe has increased to such an extent that they expect every task to be accomplished at the click of a mouse. Be it placing an order for electronic equipment or guiding their way to the most popular holiday destinations, today’s tech-savvy customers can do it all. Travelers are often looking for value and travel deals, so it is also essential that travel operators look for ways to cut operational costs while maintaining the quality of service. A person who wishes to travel will contact you only if they feel that you can provide the information they need. Failure to provide it at a convenient time will often result in your business being automatically redirected to a colleague who is eagerly awaiting such an opportunity.


Experts believe that healthcare customer service is one of the functions that companies need to optimize to gain a competitive advantage. Being available to your patients is important. Being available to your patients 24/7 is crucial – especially for those urgent after-hours calls.
Our operators can run emergency or drug recall hotlines, qualify leads for pharma reps, handle email and live chat applications, and more. Your patients and web clients will always be greeted by a friendly, professional operator, trained to achieve optimal results in every call. We offer a solution to support the needs of both patients and providers, with a multi-channel contact center platform, which enhances and improves patient and provider communication in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
Our operators can improve patient care quality with speed and empathy with:

- Back office
- Providing information about rendered services
- Appointment scheduling
- Reminders via phone, SMS, email
- Checking clinical results
- Physician referral
- Automatic redirection of urgent calls to appropriate staff
- Preventative care reminders


Government and public sector institutions offer a wide range of services nowadays. Every administrative unit’s aim is prompt and quality servicing of businesses and citizens, and our goal is to provide you with the solution to achieve that. CallCell Bg enables these government institutions customer engagement solution that streamlines customer interactions and ensures a productive and uninterrupted two-way communication. We provide a broad range of multi-channel services and smart outsourcing solutions for government entities of all sizes. From basic answering services to after-hours support or specialized hotlines, we strive to exceed caller expectations, improve transparency and deliver a solution tailored to your needs.

- Convenient 24/7 public access
- Self Service Options for Public Service Messages and Emergency Response
- Reduces agent-assisted calls
- Performance Management Reporting to justify expenditures
- Save businesses’ and citizens’ time and money.
- Information campaigns
- Scaled for Government Offices of All Sizes.

Food and Beverage Industry

There are many reasons for food and beverage companies to outsource their call center services. Working with an agency able to provide food and beverage call center outsourcing means that your company gets to better engage with customers and develop and maintain the type of relationship that is needed to remain successful. And in an industry where customer interaction is so vital to the bottom line, we add value by having a team of trained agents ready to manage your call center. Our operators are trained to put customers first, creating customer care strategies for phone, email, chat, text, social media, and online reviews. By leveraging meaningful touchpoints, we make your customers feel closer to your food and beverage brand. We work hard to replicate your brand culture for our team, enhancing our ability to drive consumer brand loyalty.

Logistics and Transportation Industry

Transportation companies are often dealing directly with customers and clientele, and in an industry where people are often relying on timely, on-schedule service, having open communication and friendly services can be the key to resolving issues, keeping clients/customers satisfied, and improving your image. At CallCell, one of the key values that we believe supply chain companies need to provide their customers is flexible service. To provide it, it is essential to have open lines of communication with 24/7 service that allows customers to always get in touch. Visibility and transparency are also important throughout the order placement and delivery process, in real-time. While technology can enable these functions on digital channels, many customers would also prefer timely updates and responsive customer service from their logistics providers, as well as to get assistance from them for their inquiries and problem resolution. We offer 24/7 service using either dedicated operators, allowing us to meet the needs of both small and large transportation services. We use a multi-channel approach, utilizing phones, email, and live chat to provide the most professional customer service.

Utility companies

For energy and utility companies, providing reliable and cost-effective electric power, natural gas and/or water to consumers has to be supplemented with seamless customer service. Nowadays customers rely on utility companies to provide high-quality, innovative services to keep their homes in working order. By providing convenient and easy-to-use methods for scheduling service visits, asking questions and inquiring about outages and other emergencies, your company can remain an industry leader. CallCell has the solutions you need to give your customers what they need when they need it. We can offer you solutions to enhance customer experience and reduce costs with intelligent voice automation and innovative contact center solutions. We can offer you:
- Increased customer satisfaction
- Notification for your customers’ monthly bills
- Information about due payments
- Optimization of a customer service department
- Improvement of the quality of service
- Information campaigns about new services